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 Cards List of Season 1 (old Vestroia)

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PostSubject: Cards List of Season 1 (old Vestroia)   Fri Aug 28, 2009 5:28 pm

Gate Cards

G Power Boost Card: These Gate Cards increases or decrease a bakugan's power level. You may increase or decrease power from a specific attribute ranging by 50 Gs-350 Gs.These are VERY MUCH DIFFERENT THAN REACTOR GATE CARDS FROM NEW VESTROIA AND YOU MUST SPECIFY THEM VERY,VERY,VERY CLEARLY!!!

3.Quartet Battle:All Players Send in another bakugan and combine Power levels.

4.Super Pyrus: Players bakugan switch G-Power Levels. Only to be used every 3 brawls

5.Intercept: The Player can Send in another bakugan and combine Power levels.

6.Transform: Increase your bakugan's power level to that of the strongest bakugan in your arsenal.

7.Triple Battle: The player can send in another bakugan and combine power levels.

8.Level Down:Decrease your opponent's power level by 100 Gs!

9.Ring of Flames:Your Pyrus Bakugan gain's 80 Gs.

10.Positive Delta:If you posses a Ventus,Darkus or SubTerra bakugan and you are facing an Aquos,Pyrus or Haos bakugan then you may decrease your opponents bakugan by 200 Gs.If you are a Pyrus,Aquos or Haos bkaugan and are facing a Ventus,Darkus or SubTerra Bakugan then decrease your oponnent's Power level by 200 Gs. However,If you are attacked by a bakugan in your triple node then YOU decrease by 200 gs.

11.3rd Judgment: To be used when you posses a Darkus bakugan on the field.You may send in another Darkus bakugan and combine power levels.

12.Bio Hazard: Your opponent's Previos move is undone.

13.Final Judgment: Take an attribute.All Bakugan which do not posses that attribute get drained to 0. TO BE USED EVERY 2 BRAWLS

14.Energy Merge: Your opponent loses 100 Gs and your bakugan gain 100 Gs.

15.Cheering Battle: you may send in a bakugan of the same bakugan that aided in activating this Gate Card.

16.Double Battle:All Players Send in another bakugan and combine Power levels.

17.Peacemaker: All bakugan on this gate card are sent back to their owner's and the round end.

18.Grand Spirit:For every gate card your opponent played your bakugan gets 50 Gs

19.Switch Back: all Preyas on this Gate Card that has change its attribute is sent back to its original attribute.

20.Wall Lock: Nullify and 1 of your opponent's ability card effect.

21.Androstasis:All bakugan on this gate card are sent back to their owner's and the round end.

PS: Since Gate Cards are essential in Battle you can have 3 copies of each type of Gate Card.

Now we move onto ability cards.

1.Boosted Dragon: Allows your Regular Dragonoid to increase itself by 100 gs

2.Saurus Glow: allows your Saurus to increase itself by 50 Gs.

3.Slice Cutter:Allows your Mantris to decrease the opponents bakugan by 50 Gs.

4.Brain Fire:Allows your Pyrus bakugan to neutralize your opponents move which decreases its power level and gain 50 Gs. ONLY 2 COPIES PER PROFILE!!

5.Firewall: Allows your Pyrus Bakugan to decrease your Opponents power level by 50 Gs.

6.Jump Over: Nullify your opponents ability card that would decrease you Ventus bakugan's Power level.

7.Robotallian Enforcement: Your robotallion gains 50 Gs.

8.Slash Zero: Your Fear Reaper gains 80 Gs.

9.Lightning Shield: Allows your haos bakugan to decrease your opponents bakugan by 100 gs.

10.Fire Judge:Increase your Pyrus Bakugan By 100 gs.

11.Ability Counter:Nullify your opponents ability card effects.

12.Crystal fangs:Your Tigrerra gains 80 gs.

13.Fire Sword:Your Pyrus Siee gains 80 Gs

14.Back Fire: use your Pyrus Bakugan To nullify the opponents Gate card.

15.Cut-In-Saber:Your Tigrerra can move to any part of the battlefield.

16.twin Machette:Your Mantris gains 100 Gs.

17.Attractor:use your Cantipliod to move any bakugan on the field to any gate card you want.

18.Rapid Fire:allows your Pyrus Bakugan to summon another bakugan from your arsenal in battle and combine power levels.

19.Fire Storm:Your Pyrus Bakugan gains 100 Gs.

20:Posion Fangs: This card may be used by any of your beastly bakugan.Your opponents bakugan lose 50 Gs and your bakugan gain 50 Gs.Also each time said opponents bakugan appears on the field,it loses 50 Gs. ONLY 2 COPIES ALLOWED IN A PROFILE!

21.Whirl wind:Allows your SubTerra Bakugan to decrease the opponents bakugan by 100 Gs.

22:Earth power:Your SubTerra Bakugan Gains 50 Gs.

23.Mega Impact:your Gorem gains 50 Gs.

24.Savage Air:Your Haos Bakugan May Summon another Haos Bakugan and combine power levels.

25.Wing Burst: your griffo Gains 50 Gs and your opponent loses 50 Gs.

26:Fire Tornado:Your Opponent loses 100 Gs and your Pyrus Bakugan gains 100 Gs.

27:Green Nobility Violent Wind:your Ventus Skyress Gains 100 Gs

28:Desert Thunder:Your Subterra Bakugan Gains 100 Gs.

29;Shadow Scratch:nullify your opponents Gate Card.

30:Solar Plexus:Your ventus Bakugan Gains 50 Gs and nullifies the opponents gate Card.

31:Magma Providence: The G-power Boost from the opponents Gate Card Is Changed to Subterra.

32:Feather Storm:Your Harpus Gains 100 Gs

33:face Of grief:Allows your Fortres to disable the opponents Gate Card and Ability cards for this turn.

34:Amon Re:Your Manion Gains 100 Gs.

35:face of Rage:your Fortress gains 50 Gs and your opponents bakugan lose 50 Gs.

36.Depth Tornado:Your Aquos Bakugan gain 100 Gs.

37:Abyys Ruler: Your Aquos Bakugan gain 100 Gs.

38:Haos Stasis:To Be used when You Have 3 Haos Bakugan on the field including a tentaclear.Increase Tentaclears Power Level by 100 Gs and return every ability card and special ability card used to your unused pile.

39.Blue Stealth:Allows your Preyas to nullify your opponents gate card and it gains 50 Gs while your opponent Bakugan loses 50 Gs.

40.forcing Waves:your Aquas Bakugan Gains 100 Gs.

41:Solar Ray:Increase your Haos Bakugan by 100 Gs.

42.Delta Dragonoid:your Delta Dragonoid Gains 200 Gs.

43.Spice Slayer:Your Darkus Bakugan Gains 100 Gs and your opponents bakugan lose 100 Gs.

44.Hot Blast:Your El Condor may decrease your opponents bakugan by 100 Gs.

45:Gazer Exedra: Increase your Hydranoid or Dual Hydranoid by 100 Gs.

46.Wall Burst:Your Opponents bakugan lose 100 Gs.

47.Atomic Brave:Your Clayf May Steal G-power Boosts given to your opponent this round.

48:Grand Impact; Your Hammer Gorem gains 200 Gs and can nullify the opponents gate card!

49:Aqua Cyclone:your Frosche can transfer 200 Gs from your opponents bakugan to itself.

50:Storm Breaker:your Ventus Bakugan May Nullify The Opponents Gate Card.

51:Destruction Meteor Storm:Storm Skyress Gains 100 Gs.

52:Sparcap:Ravenoid Gains 50 Gs and nullifies the opponents gate card.

53:Saggitaurus Arrow: To be used when You Posses a Lars Lion in Battle.Send In all of your Bakugan to that Gate Card.

54:Velocity fang:Blade Tigrerra can Nullify 1 ability card of the opponents and gain 100 Gs.

55:D-Strike attack: Delta Dragonoid Gains 200 Gs.

56:Maximum Pyrus:Appolinin Gains 250 Gs.

57:Spirit Eye Flash:To be used by a Haos Bakugan..change the opponents G-power boost from YOUR Gate Card to a subtraction.

58:Big Bang Blaze:Allows Wavern to nullify your opponents Gate,ability or Special ability card.at the same time,return any 1 ability card from your used Pile to your undused Pile.

59:Dragonic enforcement:Your Dragonoid Or Delta Dragonoid gains 50 Gs.

60:Destroy Vanish:Your Alpha Hydranoid can reduce your opponents power level to 0.TO BE USED ONCE EVERY 3 BRAWLS!!

61:Ultimate Dragonoid:Your Opponent’s Gate Card is nullified and your opponent loses 200 Gs.Your ltimate Dragonoid Gains 200 Gs.

62.trident Of Doom:Your Alpha Hydranoid can Decrease the opponents Bakugan by 300 Gs.

And now finally we move onto the Special ability cards.

1.Ventus and Pyrus Co-Relation: If you are a Ventus bakugan against a Pyrus bakugan, increase your Ventus' power level by 100 Gs.

2.Dimension 4:Use your Darkus Bakugan to Nullify the opponents G-Power Boost from the Gate Card..

3.Double Dimension:Use your darkus Bakugan to nullify your opponent’s Ability Card.

4.Haos and Darkus Co-Relation:If you are a Haos Bakugan against a Darkus Bakugan,Increase The Haos Bakugan By 100 Gs.

5.Shade:Nullify all of your opponents active ability cards.

6.SubTerra and Aquos Diagonal Relation:If you are an Aquas Bakugan against a SUbTerra Bakugan increase your aquas Bakugan by 100 Gs and vice versa.

7.Pyrus and Darkus Vertical Relation:If you are a Pyrus Bakugan against a Darkus Bakugan then increase your Pyrus Bakugan by100 Gs and vice versa.

8.Darkus and Aquos Co-Relation:if you are a darkus bakugan against an Aquos Bakugan,your Darkus Bakugan agins 100 Gs.

9.Water Refrain:Use Your Aquos Bakugan to Deactivate your opponents FUTURE ability cards.

10.Left Gigante: Your Cycloid can nullify the opponents Gate Card

11.Sand Trap: Your Subterra Bakugan may decrease the opponents Power level by 50 Gs.

12.Copy Cat: Use your OPPONENT’S field,ability,special,fusion or chaos ability card against them.Bakugan or attribute requirements must be fulfilled!!

13.Tornado Pandemonium: Increase your Ventus Bakugan by 100 Gs.

14.Polygraph Divide: increase your aquos Bakugan by the total amount of Gs your opponents bakugan has!! TO BE USED ONCE EVERY 3 BRAWLS

15.Aquos and Ventus Co-Relation:If you are an Aquosbakugan against a ventus bakugan,increase your aquas bakugan by 100 Gs.

16.Back Draft: Allows your Ventus Bakugan to send yours or your opponents bakugan back to the owners arsenal.

17.Right Gigante:Your Cycloid Bakugan gains 100 Gs.

18.Mega Flare Blinder:Your Tentaclear Bakugan may nullify the opponents Gate card and PREVENT your opponents bakugan from using any ability cards.

19.Rapis Haos:To be used by a haos bakugan.Send in ather haos bakugan and combine power levels.

20.Triple Node:To be used when you posses a Haos,Aquos and Pyrus Bakugan on the field , OR when you posses a Darkus,Ventus and SubTerra bakugan on the field.Increase each of the bakugan by 200 Gs.

21.Haos Freeze:To be used by a Haos Bakugan.PREVENT your opponent from using any ability cards this turn and send in another haos bakugan and combine power levels. ONE COPY PER PROFILE!!

22.Merge Shield:Your Darkus Bakugan Gains the same amount of Gs that your opponents bakugan gained this turn.

23.Grand Down:Your Darkus bakugan nullifies your opponents gate card.

24.Dragoon:Your El Condor gains the same amount of Gs as your opponents bakugans total!! TO BE USED ONCE EVERY 3 BRAWLS

25.Spirit Canyon:Use your SubTerra bakugan to nullify the opponents gate card and gain 100 Gs.

26:Pyrus and SubTerra Co-Relation:If you are a Pyrus Bakugan agains a SubTerra Bakugan,increase your power level by 200 Gs.

27.Reverse Blow:Return your bakugan bak to your arsenal mid battle.

28:Haos and ventus Diagonal relation:If you are a Haos Bakugan against a Ventus bakugan increase your Power level by 100 Gs or vice versa

29.SubTerra and Haos Co-Relation:If you are a SubTerra Bakugan against a haos bakugan,increase your power level by 100 Gs.

And Now,last but not least,we have the fusion ability Cards!!

1.Depth Flare:Your Pyrus Bakugan gains 100 Gs.

2.Distraction Buster:Nullify your opponents ability card. (YOU CAN HAVE 3 COPIES OF THIS CARD)

3.Distruction Impact:Your Dual Hydranoid gains 100 Gs and nullifies the opponents Gate Card.

4.D-Strike Extreme:your Delta Dragonoid gains 200 Gs.

5.Exceed:Your Ultimate Draonoid gains 200 Gs.

6.Final Demolition:Your Alpha Hydranoid gains 100 Gs!

That’s it, good luck with your profiles

The Bakugan Of Duty Team

This list has been made By Super Shadow
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Cards List of Season 1 (old Vestroia)
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