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 Guide to make a Profile

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PostSubject: Guide to make a Profile   Fri Aug 28, 2009 5:41 pm

Minimum bakugan:
your must have atleast 2 bakugans in your profile

Maximum bakugan:
You may have 12 bakugans of Each attribute
But these bakugan have to be approved in the list of bakugans!!

Power levels:
Both Team members MUST have 2 500G bakugan in the profile.
The rest is 1 450G, 3 400G bakugan, 2 390G bakugan. The rest go any power level you want!

minimum cards
their must be ATLEAST 25 cards in your cards list

maximum cards
Their must be no more that 200 cards in your profile copies are counted

BAKUGAN TRAP MINIMUM: Any brawler must have AT LEAST 2 Bakugan Trap

BAKUGAN TRAP MAXIMUM: You may have up to 10 Bakugan Traps in your finished Profile. However, they must all be of the same attribute.

BAKUGAN TRAP POWER LEVELS: Players may include ONE 400 G'd Bakugan Trap, TWO 390 G'd Bakugan Traps, TWO 380 G'd Bakugan Traps, and the rest go unlimited.
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Guide to make a Profile
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