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 Shadow Cruxis' Profile

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Shadow Cruxis


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PostSubject: Shadow Cruxis' Profile   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:12 pm

Name: Cruxis Aphotic(Birth)/HeaT(Alias)
Favorite Attributes: Pyrus, Haos, Darkus
Traits: Power Hungry, Intelligent, Reserved
Likes: Power, Fire, Lightning
Dislikes: Weakness, Losing
Species: Vestal
Allignment Vexos
Bio: Crux doesn't remember much about his past except for the fact that as a child, Cruxis and his mother were abused by his raging-drunkard father. During one particularly violent incident, which he still has not opened up entirely about, his mother was killed. This is believed to be the point at which Crux first used his power, if not the trigger of the ability's activation itself. His father's remains were never found.

Crux is able to sense the emotion of desire within a 1 mile radius. That is, he can feel the presence of people who are feeling a desire for something. The second part of his mutation is the ability to create and control a special kind of fire. While the flames he creates have most of the properties of regular fire, they will more strongly burn or affect a victim when somebody in the immediate area is feeling a desire for something. The stronger their desire, the hotter the flames burn.


Nemus 380G
Neo Dragonoid 500G
Tigrerra 400G
Monarus 400G
Ingram 380G
Brontes 380G
Hades 380G
Hammersaur 380G
Anchorsaur 380G
Hydranoid 390G
Helios 390G

Tigrerra 500G
Nemus 380G
Monarus 380G
Brontes 380G
Ingram 380G
Neo Dragonoid 450G
Elico 400G

Hades 380G
Neo Dragonoid 380G
Nemus 380G
Monarus 380G
Ingram 380G
Hydranoid 380G

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Shadow Cruxis' Profile
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