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 Utau's Prermission Form

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PostSubject: Utau's Prermission Form   Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:04 pm

Name- Utau
Favorite Attributes: Darkus and Ventus
Traits: Stubborn, Kind, Formal
Likes: Singing, Brawling
Dislikes: Dragonoids

Bio: One day while singing, Utau came upon a card. She picked it up, and felt a wave of rememberence over the first time of Bakugan. She brawls again, and wants to have fun.



Hydranoid- 500
Helios- 450
Ingram- 400
Tigrerra- 380
Skyress- 350
Altair- 390
Rattleoid- 340
Monarus- 380
Hynoid- 250
Sirenoid- 330


Ingram- 500
Griffon- 400
Skyress- 400
Ravenoid- 380
Elico- 300
Saurus- 360
El Condor- 380



Hylash- 400
Hexados- 390
Tripod Theta- 390
Tripod Elipison- 380
Bailiton- 350
Scorpian- 370



x1 Ventus Reactor: +300 Gs for Ventus bakugan.
x2 Darkus Reactor: +200 Gs for Darkus bakugan.
x1 G-Power Boost -350G Gs for Aqous bakugan.
x2 G-Power Boost -350G Gs for Darkus bakugan.
x1 G-Power Boost -350G Gs for Pyrus bakugan.
x2 G-Power Boost -250G Gs for Sub Terra bakugan.
x2 Positive Delta:If you posses a Ventus,Darkus or SubTerra bakugan and you are facing an Aquos,Pyrus or Haos bakugan then you may decrease your opponents bakugan by 200 Gs.If you are a Pyrus,Aquos or Haos bkaugan and are facing a Ventus,Darkus or SubTerra Bakugan then decrease your oponnent's Power level by 200 Gs. However,If you are attacked by a bakugan in your triple node then YOU decrease by 200 gs.
x3 Triple Battle: The player can send in another bakugan and combine power levels.
x2 Transform: Increase your bakugan's power level to that of the strongest bakugan in your arsenal
x1 Super Pyrus: Players bakugan switch G-Power Levels. Only to be used every 3 brawls
x3 3rd Judgment: To be used when you posses a Darkus bakugan on the field.You may send in another Darkus bakugan and combine power levels.
x3 Bio Hazard: Your opponent's Previos move is undone.
x1 Final Judgment: Take an attribute.All Bakugan which do not posses that attribute get drained to 0. TO BE USED EVERY 2 BRAWLS
x3 Energy Merge: Your opponent loses 100 Gs and your bakugan gain 100 Gs.
x2 Double Battle:All Players Send in another bakugan and combine Power levels.
x2 Peacemaker: All bakugan on this gate card are sent back to their owner's and the round end.


x2 Jump Over: Nullify your opponents ability card that would decrease you Ventus bakugan's Power level.
x2 Ability Counter:Nullify your opponents ability card effects.
x1 Crystal fangs:Your Tigrerra gains 80 gs.
x3 Cut-In-Saber:Your Tigrerra can move to any part of the battlefield.
x2 Posion Fangs: This card may be used by any of your beastly bakugan.Your opponents bakugan lose 50 Gs and your bakugan gain 50 Gs.Also each time said opponents bakugan appears on the field,it loses 50 Gs. ONLY 2 COPIES ALLOWED IN A PROFILE!
x2 Green Nobility Violent Wind:your Ventus Skyress Gains 100 Gs
x3 Shadow Scratch:nullify your opponents Gate Card
x3 Magma Providence: The G-power Boost from the opponents Gate Card Is Changed to Subterra
x1 Wing Burst: your griffo Gains 50 Gs and your opponent loses 50 Gs.
x3 Spice Slayer:Your Darkus Bakugan Gains 100 Gs and your opponents bakugan lose 100 Gs.
x3 Gazer Exedra: Increase your Hydranoid or Dual Hydranoid by 100 Gs
x2 Wing Mercury: Your Ventus bakugan gains 200 Gs.
x2 Power Merge: Transfers 100 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to yours for each one of your bakugan standing in this battle.
x2 Twin Back: Returns and doubles any G lost from your bakugan this turn.
x3 General Quasar: Your Helios gains 200 Gs.
x1 Void Stream: Allows your Helios to decrease your opponent's power level by 400 Gs.
Wind Power - Soaring Strike Shot: Increases your Ingram's power level by 200 Gs.
x1 Phoenix Position - Continuous Dance: Increase your Ingram's power level by 200 Gs and decrease the opponent's power level by 300 Gs.
x3 Thunder Power - Glimmering Slash: Increases your Hylash's power level by 200 Gs.
x2 Clawed Thunder Position - Kaganui: Allows your Hylash to neutralize your opponent's Ability cards this turn.
x1 Trick World: Reduces your opponent's current power level to 100 Gs.
x3 Land Twist: Allows your Hexados to decrease the opponent's bakugan by 200 Gs.


x3 Dimension 4:Use your Darkus Bakugan to Nullify the opponents G-Power Boost from the Gate Card
x3 Double Dimension:Use your darkus Bakugan to nullify your opponent’s Ability Card
x3 Shade:Nullify all of your opponents active ability cards.
x3 Copy Cat: Use your OPPONENT’S field,ability,special,fusion or chaos ability card against them. Bakugan or attribute requirements must be fulfilled!!
x2 Tornado Pandemonium: Increase your Ventus Bakugan by 100 Gs.
x3 Back Draft: Allows your Ventus Bakugan to send yours or your opponents bakugan back to the owners arsenal
x2 Merge Shield:Your Darkus Bakugan Gains the same amount of Gs that your opponents bakugan gained this turn.
x2 Grand Down:Your Darkus bakugan nullifies your opponents gate card.
x1 Dragoon:Your El Condor gains the same amount of Gs as your opponents bakugans total!! TO BE USED ONCE EVERY 3 BRAWLS
x3 Reverse Blow:Return your bakugan bak to your arsenal mid battle
x2 Burst Core: Allows your Helios to negate all future and past normal abilities. Not Fusion and Special.
x1 Shock Down: Lets your Darkus bakugan to force the opponent's weakest bakugan into the battle and decreases its power level by 100 Gs. (only available for Darkus bakugan)
x1 Live Ripple: Allows your tripod theta to revive your bakugans as “energy bodies”. Darkus Ability.
x2 Darkus Ante: Negates your opponent's Darkus bakugan's Ability or Special Ability. Fusion Abilities cant be negated
x1 Copy Cat(Season2): Allows your bakugan to copy your opponents normal ability. Special and Fusion cant be copied.


x3 Distraction Buster:Nullify your opponents ability card.
x3 Omega: Your Helios gains 200 Gs


x1 Nova Blazer X: Decreases your opponents power level by 700G and increases your helios by 700G (When used for 5 times this card disappears from your profile)
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PostSubject: Re: Utau's Prermission Form   Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:13 pm

cards : 135
space left : 65

Good Work
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Utau's Prermission Form
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