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PostSubject: DARKON'S Pro   Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:23 am


Gender -M

Age - 14

Description - Wears a black trenchcoat and a black mask like a misk of spectra and Masqurade's.Long blond hair that stands up like s/m.

Personality - Serious fearless , hates cowards.

Likes and dislikes - Hates cowards.

Reaper 500 G's Darkus
Falconeer 340 G's Darkus
Robotallion 300 G's Darkus
Juggernoid 390 G's Darkus
Fear Ripper 340 G's Darkus
Hydranoid 450 G's Darkus
Dragonoid 390 G's Darkus
Serpanoid 300 G's Darkus
Terrorclaw: 290 G's Darkus
Helios 450 G's arkus
Tigrerra 400G's Darkus

Metalfencer 400 G's Darkus
Scorpion 200 G's Darkus

Cards :

Gate Cards:
2x Limbo gate:The Bakugan with the lowest G-power wins.
2x OverHang:The Bakugan with the lowest G-power total wins.
2x Darkus Reactor:Darkus Bakugan Get 100 G's.
2x Tripple battle:Allows the user to send in a third bakugan.
2x Peacemaker:Both bakugan lose.
2x Reaper:Reaper Gains 100 G's.
2x Dragonoid:DragonoidGains 90 G's.
2x G-power Swap:The Bakugan have their printed G-power swapped.

Ability Cards:
2x Reaper Rip:Th e user is allowed to send in a reaper into his battle witha nother bakugan
2x Darkus scythe:Reaper gains 150 G's.
2x Spice assult:The user's darkus bakugan gains 100 G's
2x Darkus Fusion:Darkus Bakugan gains 50 G's
2x Leach Shadow:A darkus bakugan that uses this card gains 210 G's opponnet loses 210 G's
2x Darkus Shrowd: The battle field is covered in A dark shrowd, the the opponetts bakugan loses 100 G's.
2x Shadowfire:The opponet gains no G-power from the gate card.
2x Shadow Armor:The User gains 90 G's.
2x Supersonic Shadow:The Darkus bakugan gains 100 G's.
2x Shadow Scratch:Negates an opponets card.
2x Reaper Rip:A Reaper is allowed to be sent into a batlle with another bakugan.
2x Scythe:Reaper Gains 100 G's.
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